Sinus Surgery

sinus surgery in Mechanicsburg, PAThere are nearly 30 million Americans diagnosed with sinusitis per year. Sinus surgery may be needed if you suffer from chronic sinus infections. The sinuses are usually so inflamed that medication is unable to reach the sinus cavities to treat the infection. Sinus surgery is only performed after other treatments such as medication and nasal rinses have been tried with no success.

Traditional sinus surgery requires the doctor to make an opening in the sinus; this can be made through the nose, mouth or the skin on the face. Tissue and bone are removed from the inflamed sinus and the nose is then packed with gauze to absorb any blood or other drainage. This packing may be left in place for several days. Often an in-office Balloon Sinuplasty can accomplish the same results with less pain and quicker recovery.

Before the procedure is performed, a clinical history of the patient will be needed and may include diagnostics identifying a cause of the sinus problem, computerized tomography (CT) scan, nasal physiology, smell testing and selected blood tests. These diagnostics will help the surgeon determine the operative strategy.

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