Nasal Fracture

A nasal fracture is a broken or cracked bone in the nose. It typically happens when the nose is struck. A nasal fracture will be very painful and likely accompanied by a nosebleed and difficulty breathing through the nose. The area inside and outside of the nose may be swollen, and there may be dark bruises around the eyes.

Most broken noses happen as the result of contact sports or falls. An injury affecting the teeth and mouth may also affect the nose. Nasal fractures need medical attention in the event that blood is collecting between the two nostrils in the septum.

If the nose is broken and not out of position, treatment may be rest. However, there are different options if the nose needs to be repositioned. Your doctor may be able to reset your nose in the office with local anesthesia. If it’s been longer than two weeks since the injury, surgery may be needed.

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