Stop Hiding Behind Your Nose!

Is Cosmetic Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty) or a “Nose Job” Right For Me?

rhinoplasty - nose surgery in Mechanicsburg, PA

Anyone who is self-conscious about his or her nose will find that cosmetic nose surgery or rhinoplasty offers a new found aura of confidence. The procedure can significantly enhance an individual’s facial appearance by creating a more balanced nose and an enhanced profile. A rhinoplasty (cosmetic nose surgery) is completely customized to uniquely complement each individual’s face whether you desire is to remove a bump, taper a tip, correct crookedness or build up nasal depressions. After a careful analysis of your concerns and medical history, Dr. Abram will decide if cosmetic surgery can give you the results you desire and what is the best technique. Please note that Dr. Abram is fellowship trained and board certified to preform cosmetic nose surgery.

There are two main techniques for rhinoplasty. The open technique involves a small incision at the base of the nose. The closed technique is done through the nostrils and all incisions are hidden. The area and degree of correction needed determines what technique is best for you.

Please note, Dr. Abram performs both primary rhinoplasty (no prior nose surgery) and secondary or revision rhinoplasty, for patients who are not satisfied with cosmetic nose surgery performed elsewhere.

Often, a rhinoplasty is combined with other nose and sinus surgery for nose blockage and chronic sinusitis. Dr. Abram is Board Certified in all aspects of nose, sinus and rhinoplasty surgery. He is able to address the sinus and nose disease and preform cosmetic nose surgery all at the same time if necessary.

Common Reasons for Rhinoplasty (Cosmetic Nose) Surgery

  • Misshapen Nose
  • Excessively Flared Nostrils
  • Crooked Nose
  • Previously Broken Nose
  • Protruding nasal tip
  • “Drooping” nasal tip
  • Large nasal “hump”
  • Pushed in Nose