ENT Services

hearingOtolaryngologists are trained in the medical treatment of conditions affecting the ears, nose and throat. Otolaryngology is the oldest medical specialty in the United States, and otolaryngologists are trained to treat conditions affecting the ears, nose and throat.

Our ENT services offer comprehensive care for conditions affecting the ears, nose and throat including sinus problems, hearing loss, ear infections and snoring. Our ENT physician is board certified in all the medical and surgical aspects of his practice.

If you or someone you care for needs evaluation or treatment for an ear, nose or throat condition, please contact our office at 717-728-9700.


The ears are the organ dedicated to hearing and balance in the human body. The ears’ outer, middle and inner parts are a system that work with the brain, nervous system and eyes to help us keep our balance and hear the world around us. When the ears are not working properly, we experience hearing…

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The nose is a visible organ that protrudes from the face and has different functions. In addition to helping bring air into the lungs, the nose is also responsible for transmitting smells to the brain and preventing large particles from entering the lungs as well as humidifying the air we breathe. When the nose is…

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Throat & Neck

One part of the body that we specialize in is the throat and neck. The throat and neck are important parts of the body, playing a specific role in producing speech, bringing food into the digestive system and bringing air into the lungs. When the throat and neck are not working properly, conditions such as…

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Facial Cosmetics

Our practice offers cosmetic procedures for the head and neck areas. Dr. Abram is board certified in all aspects of facial cosmetic surgery and treatments. Procedures, fillers and injectables can improve the aesthetics of the face and, sometimes, improve the function of a feature such as the nose. Our services include rhinoplasty (cosmetic nose surgery,…

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Sleep & Snoring

Sleep is a time of rest for the body and brain. Sleep disorders such as snoring and sleep apnea will interfere with this rest mode, often leaving people tired during the day and may eventually lead to other health problems. If you…

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