Hearing Aid Maintenance & Repair

Hearing aid cleaning in Mechanicsburg, PAHearing aids are complicated electronics. In order to keep the device in top working order, simple home maintenance is necessary. Your audiologist can show you how to perform these cleanings and checks at home.

Daily Cleaning

You clean your hearing aids daily with a soft, dry cloth. You should check for dirt and grime that may have built up. If you have earmolds, they may be cleaned with a mild soap solution. You may use a forced air dryer to dry the earmolds because they must be dry before attaching the hearing aids. Keeping your hearing aids dry will help them last longer. Using a drying container at night or when you are not wearing your hearing aids should help keep them dry.

Daily Checks

There are checks you should perform every day on your hearing aids. Though batteries generally last one to two weeks, you should check them daily with a battery tester so you know when to replace your batteries. You should also perform listening checks with a listening tube to ensure your hearing aids are clear and not scratchy. You should not hear feedback in your hearing aids. If you are hearing feedback, your earmold may be too small, and you should speak with your audiologist.

If you’ve performed these daily maintenance tasks and your hearing aid is still not working, your hearing aid may be damaged. You should bring your hearing aid to your audiologist so they may be evaluated for damage and needed repairs.

If you would like to speak with an audiologist about caring for your hearing aids, please contact our office at 717-728-9700.