Hearing Aid Accessories

There are several accessories that are either basic or optional to the use of your hearing aid. A basic accessory is needed for the daily use and maintenance of your hearing aid. Optional accessories are not needed for the daily use of your hearing aid, but can make use easier.

Basic accessories include:

  • Cleaning Kits – Cleaning hearing aids on a regular basis is the best way to ensure they are in good working order and help extend their life. Cleaning kits come with a number of handy tools for keeping your hearing aids clean; they typically include a wax removal brush and pick, a tube and vent cleaner, battery door opener, and battery replacement magnet.
  • Wax Guards and Filters – Earwax is a leading cause of damage to hearing aids. When this naturally occurring substance accumulates inside hearing aids, it can cause problems with sound reception and may even damage the electronic components. Wax guards and filters help trap earwax and prevent it from entering the hearing aids.

Optional accessories include:

  • Wireless Accessories – Wireless accessories use Bluetooth® technology to allow users to stream signals from a variety of electronic devices directly to their hearing aids. Radio waves are used to transmit data over high frequencies securely and without interference. Audio streamers work as a communication link between the wireless device and hearing aid, delivering the power needed to complete the connection. Wireless connectivity improves the listening experience in situations where background noise or distance are an issue and can be used with mobile phones, audio devices, computers, tablets and television headsets.
  • Adaptors and Cords – Audio adaptors allow hearing aids to receive direct input from electronic devices such as FM systems, MP3 players, mobile phones, computers and TVs to improve the versatility of these devices. Audio cords connect the devices and can be used to send data to one hearing aid (monaural) or two hearing aids (binaural), depending on the user’s needs.
  • Custom Earmolds – Custom earmolds are the plastic piece that fits in the ear canal and connects to the hearing aid. They are molded to fit an individual’s unique ear shape for increased comfort and efficient use.

There are also lifestyle accessories available for people who lead an active lifestyle. Lifestyle accessories include swim plugs and sweatbands that protect hearing aids from water and other elements. There are also charms that can add color to your hearing aid. As with any addition to your hearing, talk to a hearing professional about the accessory’s compatibility with your hearing aid before you buy.

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